Secrets to quick remit you must know about

Quickremit is the process in which bank transfers money from one country to another.. It is completely free of charge wherein which banks and financial institutes provide the best exchange rates without compromising on the security of your transaction. Considering this, there is no reason to use quickremit. Here are some of the secrets to quickremit you must know about.

1. Allows you to send a personalized message

This is a great feature of the quickremit. Sometimes there may be something you want to say that could not be said via other platforms or you just need to send it privately. In either case, the ability to send a personalized message is a great benefit not too many people know about.

2. Allows you to maintain an address book

It is often very difficult to remember the bank ID of each and every person you need to remit something to. This great feature will allow you to store everything in one place and save you a lot of time and effort in finding your addressee and therefore saves you a lot of hassle as well.

3. It is completely free

As mentioned earlier, a quickremit is completely free since it is online. This will not only allow you to save a lot of your funds, but also it will allow you to save a lot of time.

4. Doorstep delivery in over 1650 locations across India

This is another secret that few people are aware of. This wide range of access means you can send a quick remit to almost any place in India. This helps you send funds to locations which other services may not be able to send.

5. Track your transfer

Tracking your transfer may be very important to you if you are transferring something important and especially if you are worried about it and want your peace of mind. This can be done using an online tracker or an email.

6. Round-the-clock customer service

Quickremit is also known by very few people. You must take advantage of the bank or financial institue’s great customer service, especially since it is available nearly all the time.

A quickremit has a great number of benefits that very few people knew about however you should keep a few points in mind before you quick remit something. One of them is obviously the reliability of your internet connection as you do not want your quick remit to be transferred and the second is the exchange rate when transferring from India to abroad.