What are the different tax exemptions for the different loans?

Tax exemptions are very common with loans in India. This is very crucial as the tax benefit many times are the difference between actually being able to purchase a product and not being able to buy a product. You should be aware of what type of tax exemptions is available for different types of loans. They include the following:

  1. Home loans

These are perhaps the biggest loans which a person takes in terms of an amount of money given. Therefore, tax exemptions are given to both the principal as well as the interest earned. For the principal, up to 1.5 lakh rupees can be deducted whereas for interest earned on the loan, up to 2 lakhs in rupees can be deducted if the construction was completed at least 3 years before the financial year the loan was issued on. However, it must be noted that if the property which the loan is given for has its ownership transferred before its completion, the tax benefits availed to the person who took the loan will be not be considered and he/she will have to pay the full amount of the tax benefits availed.

2. Education loans

Before education loans were unthinkable but now with everyone going to colleges abroad, loans of this sort have significantly increased. There is no upper limit for the money which will be deducted on this kind of loan. However, it can only be used for someone who is pursuing higher education. The loan is only subjected to tax exemptions either if the full loan period is complete or if 8 years have passed since you have taken the loan.

3. Car loans

Car loans are generally cheaper than both education and home loans. This is one of the reasons that individuals who have a salary are not allowed to take car loans in India. The only people who are allowed to take car loans are either businessmen or self-employed. There have been many complaints against this and it may be changed.

4. Personal loans

Personal loans are perhaps the smallest loan in terms of an amount of money that is in question. However, these are only available for a declared business or for interest on loan repayments used for projects such as construction.

However, taking a loan is a very complex matter so it is crucial that you do not take the loan without thinking it through or consulting someone.