Why remit 2 india is the safest way to transfer funds?

Remit 2 India is a service which is similar to Other money transfer services . What it does is it helps to transfer funds from abroad into India. There are a number of advantages of remit 2 India which is why it is gaining popularity and slowly but surely taking over the market from other similar services. Given below are the beneficial features of this service and why should you use them.

1.Minimum transaction fee

The minimum transaction fee is to transfer funds using other money transfer services is a whopping $39 US dollars. However, with remit 2 India it goes as low as $9.

2. Dollar to rupee exchange rates

As compared to other services, the dollar-rupee exchange rate favors the dollar as compared to the rupee. The opposite holds true for remit 2 India.

3. Direct deposit to your receiver’s bank in India

When transferring funds, other transfer institutes does not even send deposits directly to the receiver’s bank account in India, while with remit 2 India this is possible.

4. Doorstep deposits

Remit 2 India can deliver deposits at the doorstep of over 6000 locations across India which other money transfer services may not be able to provide. Therefore, Remit 2 India has a better network of delivery as well which may be pivotal for you as not everyone lives in urban cities like Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore.

5. Direct debit and standing instructions in the USA

12000 banks across the United States have this facility whereas with other money transfer services there are a lot fewer banks which do this.

6. Direct credit into NRE accounts

In India, this facility is available which you cannot get with other money transfer services.

7. Amount of money sent at one time

Other money transfer services do not allow to send more than $7500 at one time which remit 2 India allows. This will help a lot of people who are sending large sums of money.

8. Rewards and referral plan benefits

Remit 2 India allows the client to access these benefits whereas Other money transfer services does not. This is crucial for many clients.

9. Free personal message with every remittance

Every remittance will allow a free personal message with it when remit 2 India is used. This is absolutely pivotal if you want to say something important.

These are just some of the benefits of remit 2 India, there are much more. While remit 2 India will be slower than other money transfer services, these benefits are much more than other money transfer services offers, therefore, remit 2 India is the safer and most probably better way to transfer money to India.