Are you aware of these bank loans in India?

At some point in life, every individual will have a financial requirement which is well beyond their income. This can include a purchase for a particular item, or even sponsoring an education term or a purchase of a house. In each situation, the financial requirements will be different. This is where bank loans will play an important role. Plenty of banks and banking institutes have recognized this need and provided a variety of loans that will suit all these requirements. Here is all you need to know about the bank loans in India:

Secured loans

Secures loans take up one of the largest sector in loan provision by a bank. Through this loan, the loan amount is provided on the basis of the security that is pledged. This pledge must be an asset of equal value. This step is taken by banks to reduce the risk factor associated with defaulting on a loan. In the event that the borrower does not repay back the borrowed funds, along with the required added interest, the asset that is pledged will be forfeited. However, while the borrower may be required to provide a security, this is one of the best loans for large amounts. The loans in India also offer lower rates, higher borrowing limits and longer repayment terms as compared to unsecured loans. Some of the examples of this loan includes gold loans, car loans and even home loans.

Commercial loans

Plenty of upcoming, small or even large MNCs are faced with various financial requirements, which is insufficient by their income alone. This can include expansion of the business, or product line, or even financing a new upcoming venture. This can include financing an acquisition of another business. In such occasions, these business may not have the means for a direct access to the debt and equity market and therefore will not have a large aces to finance their ventures. The only way they can fulfill these financial needs is through financial aid. Through this loan, the financial advance you will receive can only be used for business or commercial consumptions. Under this category, you can get the business loan, land loan, construction loans and even the SME loans.

Other loans

There are some loans in India that do not come in either category. However, they still have certain criteria you will need to satisfy in order to receive the financial aid you would want. For example, rural loans are provided to individuals who reside in the rural area. These individuals require special loans that will help aid in their profession, such as the agriculture industry.This advance credit it tailored to suit the needs of these individuals perfectly, in terms of flexible interest rates and repayment period.


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