Debit Card: Be aware before you swipe your card here

Amongst all the different banking cards available, the debit card has always been a popular choice for many card holders. Not only can you use this card to make a transaction at the point of purchase, but you can also use it to withdraw funds from any ATM. Additionally, certain debit cards also allow you to collect reward points if you make purchases at certain outlets.

However, your card will be as useful to you, as it is safe. In other words, the funds within the account attached to your card will be safe, as long you are aware of the usage of the card. With plenty of fraudsters and scammers looking for an opportunity to make a quick buck, at the expense of others, debit cards have become a slow favorite for these individuals. Here are a few places you must be wary of before you swipe your debit card to avoid becoming the next unsuspecting victim for these individuals.

When making a purchase online

One of the popular usages of the debit card is online shopping. You only need to select the product, place it in the virtual shopping bag and enter your card details to make the purchase valid. However, if the payment gateway is not secure, the details of your card will be made public, allowing fraudsters to access it with ease. Additionally, if the purchased merchandise is not delivered or damaged in the process, you may not get your money back.

At the supermarket self – check out counter

Plenty of supermarkets are slowly becoming financial savvy while focusing on the overall productivity of the market service. The self-checkout counter is one such example, wherein, you only need to scan your products, and make the payment through the self-check banking card reader. However, when making a payment through these lanes, skimmers on the card reader slot collects information about the card being used and stores the data on an embedded chip. The data then can be used to access your account, or even change the details on it, thus restricting your use of the card.

When booking any advance travel

It is not uncommon for individuals to book an advance travel transport, just because they see a good deal. However, while you may think that you’re saving on this deal, in the long run, you may lose the funds on the payment, when the travel business can go bust, in an economic downturn. As debit cards do not offer the charge back features, you may end up losing your funds on this deal. To be on the safe side, use your debit card, only if you are confident of the travel company.

At a restaurant

Restaurants have a high turnover, especially if you are one of the regular individual’s visit on a regular basis to your favorite joint. While on each visit you use your card, there is always a risk that a fraudster posing as an employee can access your card details, on any of your trips to the restaurant.


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