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Tips for Safe Online Money Transfer Experience

The introduction of internet has proved beneficial in some spheres. You will find people rely on it for shopping, getting information and even banking. Earlier, money transfer uses to take a lot of time and even involved a lot of procedures. However, the same is simplified all thanks to the online money transfer solution. It is one of the best ways to send money to any account without any hassle. This has even led to its growing popularity. Some banks offer the option of online money transfer. Have you ever given a thought whether your online transfer is safe? The growing popularity of the online financial transactions is also constantly prone to attacks. Well, you can have a safe online transfer experience with these safety tips.

Avoid Using On-Screen Keyboard

One of the easiest ways to predict a password is when you use the on-screen keyboard. You might think if is a feasible option but you should know it is recorded by key-loggers. A key-logger can be anything whether hardware or even application. It does the work of recording and passing the information of all the keyboard taps you made. This is further used to know your username and password.

Use Random Password

You have told a lot of times to avoid using passwords that are easy to predict. Pick out any random password. Ensure your password is not your name, your birthday, your family or loved one’s name, your pet’s name and so on. They are easy to predict. Instead, you can pick the first letter of the long sentence. The sentence can be anything like I proposed my girlfriend on 10th December, well in this case the password would be ipmgo10D. This is not an easy to guess the password. Try to use the number and other symbols. Ensure the caps lock in the password is not the first letter.

Clear the Cache

It is of paramount importance to clear the cache as and when you visit an online money transfer website. Browsers tend to save the pages you have visited which further makes easier to access the next time. However, clearing the cache ensures no one views your online banking account information which is confidential. Also, make sure not to consider the option of remembering you on this computer that automatically saves your confidential information.

Always Visit the Website to Log into Your Account
You might receive a lot of emails from your banks. It is wise that you do not follow these links to access your account. This is how phishing works. It directs you to a malicious site that resembles your bank’s website and gathers all the information provided by you. One of the best ways to spot this aspect is if there is an unlocked padlock or unbroken key symbol. A trusted website tends to be secured through an encryption process.

Well, these are just some of the safety tips one need to consider for secured online money transfer experience.


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