What are the tips to keep in mind when transferring funds abroad?

Transferring funds from location to another will be a stressful process, especially if you are doing it for the first time or if you are sending a large amount of funds. On the contrary, when you know a bit of the ins and outs of international money transfer you can rest easy, knowing that you have the possibility to save funds and time while enjoying a peace of mind as well.

Being aware of how to make a transfer will require a few components, namely, keeping track of your affordability, safety, security, reliability, knowledge and common sense. At the same time, you can follow certain tips to ensure that you have a smooth and successful money transfer. They include:

Being aware of the current exchange rates: With the international money transfer, most individuals are unaware that the biggest fee comes the exchange rate itself. This is based on the interbank exchange rate, which is used by major international banks to trade amongst themselves. Additionally, it also affects the overall money transfer, exclusive of a fixed sending or receiving a fee. However, very few members of the public will have access to the interbank rate or are even aware of it. By being aware of this rate, you can calculate the best rate for your financial transfer.

Be aware of transfer fees: One of the main factors you need to be aware of is the transfer fees. Transfer fees can be added to the transaction from the sender’s side or the recipient’s side. The best way to benefit from this service, is to look out for a bank or financial institute that will provide you with reasonable or discounted transfer fees, especially for overseas payment.

Be safe and secure: All banks and financial institutes are regulated by a particular financial body that regulates all transactions and services about any financial facilities. Before you opt for a transfer service, check for the safety regulations followed by these institutes and if they comply with the local or international standards. At the same time, ensure that you can easily contact the customer service team, without being diverted.

Review the reasons why you are making an international money transfer: There are plenty of reasons why you would be in a position to send funds abroad. They can include:

• Purchasing a property for your retirement years
• Facilitate a business that involves international customers or suppliers.
• Facilitating the expenditures of a college student who has resided abroad
• Sending and receiving invoice funds as a freelancer
• Financing a family event
• Financing purchases during auspicious events or festivals.
• Or even relocating for work.

Based on your requirement you can opt for a provider that will handle your type of money transfer, thus providing you with the peace of mind.


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