Money 2 India: Common FAQ’s answered

The need to transfer funds will always be a requirement in today’s day and age. Given that the advancements in today’s technology and e – commerce market, you can now easily transfer funds from one location to another in a mere click of a button. Additionally, there are plenty of money transfer choices available in the market, each offering competitive rates, valuable features and specialised service.

Amongst the different money transfer services, the Money 2 India is one such service. Through this service, you can send funds back to India and track its progress. Given below are some of the FAQ’s associated with this money transfer service:

Is Money2India safe to use?

Like any other money transfer services, Money 2 India employs a range of state of the art security features, keeping all your transfers and transactions from being access from any outsider. Some of the protective features employed by this service include regularly updated firewalls and 128-bit secure socket layer ( SSL ). Through these features, unauthorised access is restricted while ensuring all information that is exchanged remains confidential.

What are the different currencies I can transfer funds in?

When transferring funds Money 2 India you can use the following currencies to transfer in:
• Canadian Dollar
• US Dollar
• Great Britain Pound
• Sweden Krona
• Switzerland’s Swiss Franc
• Singapore Dollar
• Hong Kong Dollar
• UAE Dirhams
• Australian Dollar

Do I need to sign up for an account to use Money2India services?

Yes, you would need to create aMoney 2 Indiaaccount in order to use its services. Once you use the account for the first time, your details will be saved securely in order to save time and provide you convenience anytime you would want to make a money transfer in the future. You can be well assured that this information will not be shared or made available to anyone else.

How can you start using this service?

You only need to register for this service at the respective bank or financial institute you would want to apply at. Once you log onto the website and register for the account, you will be needed to provide information pertaining to your personal details, contact details, and other security features. Once you have provided the required details as well as accepted the terms and conditions, you must await the successful registration for the service. Once it is successfully registered, you can start using this facility for your money transfers.

How will I get my User ID and Password for my login?

When registering for the Money 2 India, you will need to register with an existing email ID. This email ID will be your login ID. At the same time, you will be required to create a unique password when registering. In the event you forget your ID or password when logging in, you can always use the help link to assist you.


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