PayZapp: What are the benefits of this app?

With the digital world slowly becoming integrated into our daily lives, it comes as no surprise that plenty of apps have been designed to provide a means and convenience to manage daily activities. Amongst the various launched and established apps, comes the PayZapp app.

The PayZapp app, launched by one of the largest financial card issues in the country, has gone one step ahead, by creating a virtual relationship manager through this mobile application. This app is designed to store all your banking card details in a dematerialized form, thereby allowing the account holder to use them for electronic payments. Under this app, the account holder can use a scan and pay option or even the mobile phone’s capability to tap and pay for purchase at the point of sale terminal. The account holder can also send funds to any peers through the app by using the IMPS platform.

Apart from these benefits, there are plenty that is offered by this app. They include the following:

Incentive programs: Plenty of apps have integrated loyalty-based incentive programs that motivate mobiles users to either refer the app to others or increase the utility of the app. Instead of having users inputting their card details every time they need to make a purchase or refer to someone, the information is already stored on the application. At the same time, businesses or merchant outlets that use technology to link several payments to points or other loyalty programs, while adding value to the customers. This encourages the customer to return, which increases the revenue.

Ability to offer banking card payments: Plenty of individuals are opting for card payments over physical cash payments. However, not many business and merchant outlets are equipped to accept banking card payments. Not only would this affect the business, but customers would also be at a disadvantage. However, businesses are becoming more technologically economic and integrating mobile payment programs, in their system. Therefore, it allows business to charge customers through this app, which will benefit both the customer as well as the business.

Multiple banks can be used through this app: One of the main benefits of this account is that it can be used for other bank details too. Although primarily it was designed only for one bank, it can now be accessed by applicants who use other banks. This makes it easier for applicants to use multiple facilities and features which may or may not be provided by their bank. Take, for example; the bank may not offer cashback facilities through the card alone. But through the PayZapp app, you can get a small amount of funds as cashback.


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