Questions you need to answer before applying for a persona loan

When there is a financial requirement, and you are not in a position to borrow funds from your peers or family, you can always opt for a loan. The personal loan has always been an ideal choice for individuals who are seeking financial aid in the form of the loan. Not only does it require no security to be provided, but it also requires minimum documents to be provided.

However, as easy it can be to acquire this loan, there are certain questions you must first answer yourself before beginning the application process. These questions ensure that you have a clear understanding of your requirements as well as to be aware of how much funds you are eligible for. These questions include the following:

Q1. Is it necessary to spend or purchase now?

You find that the LCD TV you’ve always wanted is suddenly on sale or even the vacation trip you’ve been eyeing for a long time is suddenly available to you at a discounted price. This perfect opportunity is only available now, and only needs an amount which you can afford through a personal loan. At this stage, you may be compelled to purchase a product or a service, but it may not be necessary. Such requirements may be under the category of luxurious spending. However, if you do require urgent funds for situations such as medical emergencies, then it is best to opt for this loan. Therefore, before you opt for this loan, consider your requirement and its level of urgency and priority before opting for it.

Q2. Can I afford the loan EMI?

This is one of the crucial questions that demands an honest answer. For if you are unsure of the response, you must wait till you are truly confident of it. Personal loans may be easily accessible. However, they demand a stringent repayment schedule. Additionally, you will also need to pay off high-interest rates with this loan. If you have the means and the income to repay the borrowed funds during the tenure, then you can proceed with this loan.

Q3. When is the ideal time to take on a personal loan?

When taking the responsibility of a loan, you need to consider different factors. Do you have a steady income? Do you have a steady job? What is your debt income ratio? How many individuals in your home are dependent on you? Is the loan that I need a small one or a large one? When you answer these questions, you will get an idea of whether you can afford your personal at any time.

Q4. What do I need to do if I can’t pay back the loan?

As a precaution, you would need to consider your future requirements before applying for any loan. But at times, you may not be prepared for all eventualities. If such an event affects your ability to pay EMI’s, you will need to require a backup plan. For one, you will need to access a source of funds that will help repay back the funds. Alternatively, you can approach your lender to review the terms of the loan in order to provide an alternative way to repay the borrowed funds.


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