Why should you ditch your car for two wheeler today?

Traveling all over the place will offer you plenty of benefits. No doubt, you will have the luxury and comfort to travel from one destination to another in comfort. That is until you get stuck in traffic. Not to mention the large bill you will need to pay a month on month for fuel, maintenance, and insurance.  Very soon, a two-wheeler will look more of a favorable option as compared to a four wheeler. So why should you ditch your car today? Here are reasons why:

Easy to divert through traffic

One of the main benefits of a two wheeler is the ability to maneuver through traffic. Major cities that possess a high level of professional industries will have regular traffic congestions, especially during certain hours of the day. Highways, flyovers and even expressways are normally filled with traffic, especially during peak hours. While you may not be able to avoid it all the time, the best way to go through it and still be punctual is by opting for a two wheeler. Two wheelers are designed in such a manner where it is easier to maneuver through traffic with ease. Additionally, it is equipped with quick speed, so traveling will not take much time.


A two wheeler is not only about traveling through traffic, but it also offers a good affordability. In other words, even a common man can afford a two-wheeler, if he has a steady income and a steady for at least the next few years if not months. Most two-wheelers come in a range of 1 lakh to 5 lakhs depending on the company and model you are buying. Additionally, you can purchase your two-wheeler with the help of a two wheeler loan. In most cases, the loan lender will have tie-ups with certain outlets, wherein which, a purchase from this outlet, will provide you with plenty of other benefits such as discounted insurance, free 1-year service and even deals on add – on.

Economically viable in the long run

While purchasing this vehicle with a two wheeler loan and using it may seem easy, there is also the responsibility to maintain the bike on a long term basis. This means, you will need to ensure that it is regularly serviced, insurance must be renewed in time, pay for replacements parts when needed, while also keeping in mind the regular expenditures such as fuel. While the same factors apply to a four wheeler, it is often more expensive as compared to two wheeler. Additionally, if you are using a two wheeler for a single individual, it is easier for a single earner to maintain it.

Apart from these reasons, there are plenty more. However,in the end, it depends on your decision to purchase the bike and maintain it.


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