Quickremit: Making money transfers easier and faster

Money transfer is now become a necessity for the urban society. Plenty of individuals sends funds from one place or location to another for reasons such as payment of education, maintenance of retired parents or elderly folks amongst many others. And with several money transfer vehicles available in the market, one will be spoilt for choice.

But while the choices may be many, there remains the factor that you will spend a considerable amount of funds in your transfer. Can you risk that amount of funds, where you may end up paying double the amount just to get it transferred? Would you want to pay extra funds to transfer it fast in the occasion there is a financial emergency? What about convenience in the money transfer?

This is where quickremit service will prove to be beneficial. Here is how this service will give you the best value for your money:

• Good exchange rate: One of the main features that you must take into consideration when it comes to any money transfer is the exchange rate. While different companies may offer you different exchange rates, you must look out for that one that offers you the best deal, in correspondence to the amount you’re sending. Quickremit not only ensures that you get the best exchange rates but also ensures that you are aware of the current exchange rate values before you make the money transfer.

• Fees: While many money transfer services do claim a’ free charge’ service, they will charge you a small amount for your transfer. With these fees, you will be charged a service charge, transfer fee and exchange fee as the basic charges. Additional fees may be charged, depending on the discretion of the lending institute. However, you should be aware of these charges before you make the money transfer option, which is what quickremit does.

• Pick up methods: One of the main problems faced during a money transfer service is the drop and pick up method. This is often a cause for the problem, in remote places, where there is not bank or NBFC branch located. However, quickremit offers a doorstep delivery service which means, you can get the funds delivered directly to the recipient with ease. This works as an ideal alternative to being deposited directly into the account.

• Transfer times: Plenty of money transfer services offer different transfer times for a different price. Depending on how quickly you will need the funds delivered, you may have to choose between the services. However, with quickremit, you can get the funds delivered within 4 working days. You can even track the funds when it gets transferred.

• Customer service: No doubt, at some point in your transfer, you may need an update on your transfer or need someone to answer your queries. This is where the customer service will assist you. Quickremit’s reliable customer service department will ensure that all your doubts and queries are answered without causing you.


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