Enjoy a hassle free operation of your demat account with these do’s and don’ts

When it comes to investing, it is crucial that you make and take every decision with scrutiny. No doubt, as a part of this process you will also need to keep track of all the stocks you have sold or stored in your demat account. In the long run, it will seem like a tedious process. But given below are a few do’s and don’ts you can consider to ensure operating your demat account will be hassle free:
• The first thing you will need to do is to ensure that your both your holding and your transactions statements are received periodically. You can instruct your depository participant of this requirements. At the same time, you should be aware that you are entitled to receive a statement of all your transactions of your online trading account at least once a quarter, even if you have made no transactions.
• Always check the statements on the receipts you receive. If you notice any unauthorised debits or credits made to your demat account, you must contact your DP for clarification.
• Inform your DP, if there are any changes in your residential or contact details, as soon as possible. Additionally, when sending your securities for your online trading account, you should keep track of the distinctive numbers of the securities that you have sent.
• You must always check the demat performance of the issuer company with your DP before you decide to send the certificates.
• Keep your delivery instruction slip book in safe custody, just like you would for a cheques book.
• Only accept the delivery instruction slip book from your DP, if only each slip has been pre – stamped with a serial number and your demat account number.
• Mention details such as International Securities Identification Number and the number of securities accurately. If in doubt, contact your DP or your broker.
• If you have corrected a mistake, over – writing or cancellations on the instruction slips, a sign against the same to authorise it.
• Ensure that all the joint holders of the demat account sign the slip.
• If there is space left after filling instructions for furnishing security details, you must strike out the blank space.
• In the event of your death, you can transmit your securities to your heirs, by adding a nominee. This makes this transmission process easy.

• Avoid leaving your instruction slip book with any individual as you increase the risk of the details of your account and transactions to the public.
• Do not sign a blank delivery instruction slip as it is almost equivalent to the bearer’s cheque.
• As far as possible avoid any overwriting, cancellations, misspellings, changes in the name and quantity of securities as it may lead to confusion.


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