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All you need to know about the different types of loans

Everyone understand the basics of a loan. Through this financial assistance, you can easily borrow funds you require and repay it back within a given time. However, there is more to this financial product than borrowing funds.

No doubt, you will be aware of the factors of the loan such as the interest rate and the tenure. But are you aware that the value of these elements differs from type to type? Additionally, some loans require a particular type of collateral, while others may not. Do you also know that some types of loans can only be used for particular reasons? Given below are some of the different type of bank loans which you need to know:

Secured Loans: A secured loan can be obtained by borrowing funds against an asset you own. These assets form a collateral in your loan application. They can include your home, your vehicle and event your fixed deposits. The amount you received as a loan will depend on the value of the collateral. Additionally, since your providing collateral for security sake, the interest that is provided with the loan is low. With this, you can submit more than one collateral for certain types of loans. However, you should know that, if you ever default on your loans, your lender will get the borrowed funds back by foreclosing on the collaterals provided. But the best advantage of this type of financial assistance is the fact that you can use your credit score as a means to negotiate for a higher rate. The higher the score, the more of a bargaining power you will have, in terms of theloan amount and repayment tenure.

Given below are some of the instances of secured loans:

Car loans

Bike loans


Business loans

Unsecured Loans: Unsecured loans are a complete contrast to the secured loan. As the name suggests, they are not secured against any assets. They are also flexible in terms of using the finances gained for any miscellaneous financial expenditures, with a few exceptions. However, they are also difficult to apply for and maintain. This isdue to the fact that lenders will first confer your credit history along with your current income, asset and debts at the time of your loan application. Once your profile is deemed appropriate, you can get theloan you want. However, with these types of bank loans lenders will charge a higher interest rate, to compensate for the risks associated the lending of funds. Additionally, certain products will also have a short tenure.

Here are some of the examples of unsecured loans:

Personal loans

Personal lines of credit

Student loans

Banking cards and department sponsored cards.



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