Benefits of Money 2 India Service for NRIs

If you are an Indian living abroad, you may need a swift and safe online money transfer service that can help you send money to your family members back home. This is where the Money 2 India service comes to your rescue. This is a convenient, money transferring service that allows you to send money from any overseas bank account to India. Let us take a look at the various advantages of this online service:

– Secure Transfer: There are many banks in India that offer this service. There is a guarantee of secure transfers as the transactions are carried out only after your approval and within latest firewall security. There are many customized online services from direct debit transfers to online banking amenities, which are made as per your requirements. Also, there are a wide range of security measures that are taken to make sure that your transactions are carried out safely. All banks make sure that the databases and internet systems used are kept separate so that no internal or third party can have access to your bank information. This ensures safety to various customers who transfer money to from other countries to India.

– Convenience to Beneficiary: There are different delivery options that make it easy for your beneficiary to receive the money sent by you. Options like electronic money transfer to Indian bank accounts, electronic transfer to resident Visa Debit Card issued by Indian bank, and Demand Drafts issued and sent to your beneficiary in India are available. Depending on the convenience of your beneficiary, you can choose your delivery mode in order to make a smooth transaction. The Money 2 India service is very quick and has a reach into many parts of India.

– Track Your Transfers: When you use this service, you can also track the status of your transfer by login into Money2India.com and also get notifications and alerts about every stage of your transfer. This makes it easier for customers to trust this service and be assured that their money is in safe hands. The service is available 24 x 7 which makes it more approachable. You can call up customer care, where well-trained professionals answer your queries and brief you in detail about their offerings.

– Cost Efficient: This online service offers great exchange rates and low cost services. This means that you get more Rupees for each foreign currency you send to India. It makes the process profitable for you.

These are the advantages that make the Money 2 India service so favourable for NRIs. Whether you want to send money to set up a business in India or for the maintenance of your home, you can do it with just a few clicks.


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