What are the factors you need to consider when applying for a car loan?

In today’s day and time, owning a car is not only an imperative but also a part of one’s lifestyle. There are also plenty of options a potential car owner can consider, based on the different features of the car. However, it is these features that set the price of the car, which in turn, influences the car owner’s choice of financing the purchase. In other words, if you are looking to purchase a car, you may need to consider your financial borrowing options.

Amongst the various financial options, the car loan is one option that is the most favourable option to finance this purchase. But before you can opt for the best car loan, that can suit your needs; there are certain factors you will need to consider. These factors will go a long way to determining the loan type that will suit your need, but also ensure that you have a convenient means to repay back the borrowed funds. They include the following:

Amount to put down: The amount to put down, also known as the down payment, is one factor that not many car owners are aware of. However, it is one of the most important factors that you should consider, as in turn, it will affect the principal amount you are liable for. It also determines how much of interest you will need to pay for the principal amount. Additionally, since the value of the car depreciates the moment you sign up for it, the down payment will determine how much you owe the car, especially in terms of insurance.

Length of the tenure: Like any other loan, you would be required to pay a loan amount during a fixed tenure for the car loan. The normal duration is not more than 15 years. While a longer tenure will lead to lower monthly payments, it will also increase the interest rate. Opt a tenure that does not outlive the car itself.

Interest rates: The interest rates for the car loan may vary, but the ideal way to get the best car loan interest rates is to compare lenders. You can keep in mind that loan rates are typically high on long loans, therefore try to opt for a shorter one.

Cost of deferred payments: Plenty of lenders may be offering a ‘payment free’ limited months as a part of their offer. While this may imply that you don’t have to pay for your car during that time, chances are, you will still have to pay the interest. In other words, in addition to the principal amount along with the added interest, you will also need to pay interest for those ‘free months.’

Financial lenders dealer: When opting for loan options, you can either approach a financial institution or through a car dealer. While it may be convenient to have a dealer arrange the financing, you should be aware they will offer a mark – up on their offerings, so as to increase the overall cost of the loan. Don’t settle for such offers, until you have independent loan offers to compare them with


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