Why Quickremit Is the Solution to Your Money Transfer Emergencies

What would you do in an emergency situation when you have to send money to your family, who lives miles away from you? For people working and living abroad, away from their loved ones in India, it can be quite a task to transfer money on an urgent basis. This is where the Quickremit services come to the rescue. It is a convenient online mode of money transfer that allows one to send money from the UK, Singapore, US and Euro zone to India. Here is how you can make this happen:

1. Register yourself to the Quickremit service by providing all your essential details. Once registered, you will have your log in id and password in place, which will complete the first step of the transfer process.
2. Customers operating from the US have to provide all their bank details as well. Different banks have different policies and regulations. The best way to know is by talking to a representative from the monetary institute or bank.
3. Next step is to initiate a transaction by providing complete details of the beneficiary and by entering the amount to be transferred.
4. Now, just with a few clicks you can transfer a chunk of money immediately to your family or friends in India at times of emergency.

There are various other aspects to the Quickremit service which canhelp you have aclear understanding about using it at times of emergencies. Let’s take a look.

– Who Can Use It: Anyone who wants to transfer foreign currency to a person or organisation in India can use this service. This is one of the most trusted and renown services in India, so there is no doubt about pace and accountability while transferring funds.
– Where Can It Be Used: Currently, this service can be used to transfer money from Singapore, US, UK and the EURO zone to India.This means that one can transfer currencies – US Dollars (USD), Pound Sterling (GBP), Singapore Dollars (SGD), and Euro (EUR).
– Why to Trust It: Quickremit is one of the most trusted services for fund transfer. It does not give out any personal information filled in by you, as the Privacy Policies are pretty firm. Also, all the transactions done by you happen within update firewall protection and secure encrypted lines.
– What Payments Can Be Done: This facility allows you to do make fund transfers for purchase of property, family maintenance, transfers to Non Residential Rupee (NRE) accounts or for other investments.

All of this and much more makes the Quickremit service a reliable and fast option for sending money to your loved ones in India.


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