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Why getting a two wheeler on EMI is a good idea for you

You’d be surprise how useful a two wheeler can be for you. For one, you can zip through traffic with ease. You can even take trip up north, along with fellow bike riding groups. And the best part of it, it is one of the most economical choices of transport.

But while the two wheeler does offer you plenty of benefits, you still have the decision to make to purchase the two wheeler. But while there are plenty of options to finance this purchase, one of which, is the two wheeler loan. This 2 wheeler loan will allow you to purchase the two wheeler you want, and easily repay back the borrowed fund through flexible EMI’s.

Here are the different benefits you can get through the EMI’s:

Power to purchase:This is one of the beneficial factors of the EMI for the two wheeler loan.Through the EMI, you get the power to purchase two wheeler, which may have not been possible on your own. With the regular instalments, you can easily space out your income and payments without affecting your monthly expenditures.

Less burden on your pocket: By availing the 2 wheeler loan through EMI’s, you can easily purchase a two wheeler, wherein which, the repayment amount will be light on your pocket. Most two wheeler loans will require a pre – defined amount that will be required to be made as down payment. The rest will be required to be paid off over a fixed tenure. It is this payment through the fixed tenure that will be cost effective, as it will leave you with the liberty to pay small fixed amount every month. At the end of the loan application process, the purchase will be affordable, without leaving a big hole in your pocket.

Doesn’t block your credit card limits: When purchasing your two wheeler on EMI’s, you can pay back the borrowed funds in small amounts on a regular basis. You can also avoid having your credit card limit blocked. This makes for a smarter option as you can find the finance at the strategic time, when you want to purchase your bike. This will also leave you to use your credit cards in any emergency situations without having to be concern about the card limit.

Low costing associated with EMI’s: As previously mentioned, most loans including other automobile loans will require a down payment to be made at the beginning. The amount invested in the down payment, significantly reduces the overall cost of the EMI’s. In other words, the larger the down payment the lower the EMI’s. Therefore, before opting for the 2 wheeler loan ensure that you have the sufficient down payment. At the same time, ensure that you have sufficient leverage to opt for a fixed EMI, if your financial position allows you to do so.



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