NRI Fixed Deposit – All About It

What exactly is an NRI Fixed Deposit?

Every individual tends to have a fixed deposit as it serves as security in times of need and emergencies. The same applies to Non-Resident Indian (NRI) fixed deposits. It is opened in one of the banks of India. You will find a number of banks offer various and customised NRI fixed deposit schemes and NRI fixed deposit rates. This further works as a perfect tool for savings. However, you should know as compared to a traditional savings account, NRI fixed deposits are high interest yielding financial products. The interest rates of the fixed deposit are paid until a specified maturity date. Several banks offer NRI fixed deposits at competitive interest rates for different tenures. You can choose the one that meets your needs.

Eligibility for NRI Fixed Deposits:

When talking about NRI fixed deposits, it is wise to know the eligibility criteria for the same:
• The NRI fixed deposit can be opened jointly or individually with other Non-Resident Indians.
• Only a Non-Resident individual of Indian nationality or Indian origin is eligible to open an NRI Fixed deposit account.

Some Vital Things to Know:

• The interest rate is calculated on a quarterly basis, for all the fixed with tenure of six months and above.
• Interest is calculated at simple rates for the fixed deposits schemes tenure of below six months.
• All the interest earned during the previous quarter is later added to the principal for interest calculation.
• The interest rates for fixed NRI deposits is calculated on every quarterly basis.

Benefits of Investing in NRI Fixed Deposits:

There are great benefits associated with NRI fixed deposits. Some of them include:

• An individual stand to earn great interest rates on the savings than traditional savings account by investing in NRI fixed deposits
• There are certain NRI fixed deposits are non-taxable. Say, for example, a fixed deposit when opened through an NRE account is non-taxable.
• With prior notification, banks offer premature withdrawal of Non-Resident fixed deposit. However, you should know, the deposit is qualified for interest only when it is carried on for a certain period of time as designated by the bank.
• Apart from this, several banks also offer loan against certain NRI fixed deposits. Say, for example, an individual or NRI can get loan against the NRE fixed deposits
• An NRI fixed deposit can be easily renewed on maturity.
• Account like Foreign Currency Non-Resident (FCNR) and Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) are eligible for tax concession

Now, that you have all the details needed, the next step is getting in touch with any bank and open your NRI fixed deposit account.


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