Did you know the best way to carry funds abroad on your trip?

While travelling or vacationing abroad especially to any international destinations, it would require plenty of planning, preparations, and the hassle of foreign exchange. While it may take you considerable time and effort to plan and prepare, considerable thought must be given to the foreign exchange. After all, you would not want to be in a position where you carry immense funds and put yourself at risk of loss or theft.

In this case, there is one simple solution when it comes to foreign exchange, the forex travel card. So what is this foreign exchange travel card? The forex card is similar to a prepaid banking card, which can be used to load foreign exchange funds. Depending on the card you opt for, you can also opt for multiple foreign currencies, depending on your travel plans.

Here is what the forex card will offer you:

Locked in rates for foreign exchange: One of the main features of the forex card is the lock-in feature of the foreign funds. When refilling a particular amount on the card, the conversion rates are also locked in. This provides the ideal protection against volatile financial market conditions, especially when the conversion rates are unpredictable. Once the rates are locked in, at the right figures, you can enjoy protection against high conversion rates .

Multiple currencies: Plenty of banking institutes offer forex cards that can be used in multiple countries. While often they may be a premium forex card, they will go a long way to help you save funds, especially if you travel abroad on a regular basis. You will have a choice of over 12 to 21 different currencies to opt for when it comes to these cards. Furthermore, you need not worry about refilling the card in different currencies, as the loading the card with your local currency will automatically convert it into the local foreign currency when used.

High-security Features: Carrying immense funds abroad is a risk that you can easily face with the forex travel card. Like other banking cards, it comes equipped with a unique PIN that can be inputted to access the funds. However, unlike the other banking cards, this card does not come only with the magnetic trip. These cards are also equipped with an embedded chip. In the case of the magnetic strip, skimmers could easily collect data about the transaction, along with the bank details, thus compromising it. However, the embedded chip now encrypts each transaction data it makes.

Remote reloading: If you run out of funds on the card, you can easily refill the card with the funds from the bank account attached to the card. All you need to do is contact the lending bank and make a request to transfer the funds. Within the next 24 hours, the deposit will be made.


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