Why should you opt for a single credit card over multiple bank cards?

Banking cards offer you plenty of perks, especially on the type of banking card you will be opting for. For example, ATM cards best used to withdraw physical cash, whereas debit cards can be used for online purchases.

No doubt, the best way to make the most of these card perks is to opt for multiple cards. While it does offer you several opportunities to save on your funds while getting the best deals, you also have the responsibility to keep track of all the cards you will be using along with the different limits or interest rates on it.

This is where credit cards comes handy. Unlike the other banking cards, you can borrow funds from the lending bank through this card. Furthermore, you can repay back the borrowed funds, with a small added interest, within a flexible period of time. Furthermore, the amount you can spend on this card can be controlled by the credit limit, which often reflects the income you earn.

So why should you opt for a single credit card? Here is how the benefits of the card will assist you:

Shopping decisions are made easy: Shopping with your banking cards will offer you plenty of reward points, deals and discounts. At times, banking cards have been known to tie up with certain retail outlets, giving you more deals and benefits. However, you will need to juggle all your cards before you can make a shopping purchase. But with a single credit card, you can easily make all your purchases on one card, and enjoy the benefits of collecting reward points and discounts on the same card.

Bill payments are made easy: Bill payments come on a monthly cycle, which makes it easier to pay especially if you set up automatic payments with credit cards. However, it will take the time to set it up and make sure you have sufficient time in your account. Furthermore, you need to ensure that you have the time to make sure things are running efficiently. However, doing it for several banking cards will be tedious. Therefore, it makes it very convenient if you opt for one credit card for this purpose.

Manage you expenditures: Having multiple banking cards especially if you like to splurge a lot is equivalent to an alcoholic in a bar. You always assume you have enough funds on your other banking cards to compensate for your expenditures. However, in the end, you may end up spending more than paying, putting you in a debt that can last for a long time. However, with one single credit card, you will be able to keep track of your expenditures. Furthermore, using the data that you get from your expenditures, you can reduce any unnecessary expenditures whenever and wherever possible.


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