Health Insurance: Useful tips that will help make your purchase decision

What and Whys of Health Insurance

A recurring premium paid by an individual or a family to safeguard their future medical expenses is known as health insurance. This is an agreed contract between the insurance providing entity and the individual. It is an easy and systematic way to ensure that you would not have to suffer when the time comes for an urgent or expensive medical treatment. It is also renewable and transparent; hence consumer friendly.

Choosing the right provider

Acquisition of Health Insurance is a simple procedure with diverse options. Each option is considered as a plan. To begin with, you register on Health Insurance India – a marketplace and then proceed to enroll your family or yourselves in a plan.

Health Insurance is offered by many companies. Choosing the most appropriate plan depends on your requirements and budget which can indeed turn out to be an elaborate process. However, you should always note a few key points to consider before we invest in any one of these plans. A few points are:-

1) Identifying the category the plan falls under – types of health Insurance plans are mainly divided into four categories – Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each category reveals the relationship between the costs you incur and the care the particular plan provides. Nevertheless, plan categories have no connection with the ‘quality’ of care provided.

2) Comparison of costs to Utility of Plan – under any insurance plan (in Healthcare) the consumer is required to pay a monthly premium, which is a fixed monthly sum of money. Whether or not the consumer uses the money every month for medical care is irrelevant. Hence, a consumer should have an explicit idea of where his/her money is going and how useful it would be for him/her.

We never know when we have to encounter an expensive medical emergency. Health Insurance
helps us live tension free when it comes to dealing with this problem.

Benefits of a Health Insurance

A Health Insurance provides the following benefits:

It makes Healthcare affordable – in a medical crisis many patients are not able to meet the financial requirements of the operation/surgery. Health Insurance covers some or most of your medical expenses, reducing the burden on your pocket at a particular time.

Ensures Preventive Care – we hardly ever want to visit the doctor. Now and then, when we experience some small abnormalities we try to tackle it ourselves. However, if we pay premiums and enroll ourselves in a health insurance plan, we are more likely to utilize this opportunity by visiting the doctor for frequent health check-ups, thereby ensuring Preventive Healthcare against diseases.


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