How to make your money transfers faster and convenient

Our lifestyle and technology have progressed to such a stage, where quick money transfers have now become a necessity. Whether it is sending funds from one location to another, or from one country to another, this necessity remains the same. You can be sending funds whenever required, or on a monthly basis for maintenance.

No doubt, you will have plenty of money transfer vehicles available in the market, leaving you spoilt for choice. However, what choices will you consider when you need to make a quick yet convenient money transfer?

This is where the quickremit option will come into the picture. Here is how this service will give you the best feature for money transfer, and the ideal money for value:

The best of exchange rates: One of the main benefits of the quickremit money transfer is the good exchange rate. Plenty of money transfer services will offer you competitive rates. However, you need to look out for those that will offer you the best deal, especially in accordance with the amount you will be sending. This service offers you the best exchange rates, by making you aware of what are the current exchange rates. In this way, you will be attentive of how much you will have to actually spend in order to send money to the intended recipient.

Fees: Plenty of money transfer services claim to offer a money transfer service that is free. However, they will charge you a small service charge, transfer fee and exchange fee as a basic charge. Furthermore, based on the discretion of the lending institute, additional fees may be charged. Quickremit ensures that you are aware of the fees you are being charged, even before you make the transfer. Thus there is no hidden fees you need to fear about, which will arise only after you make the money transfer.

Time for funds to get transferred: Most of the transfer services offer different transfer tenures, each for a different price. However, during a financial emergency, you may not have the luxury to consider and opt for any money transfer services that will suit your need. Depending on the urgency to make the transfer, you can choose among the available services. However, with the quickremit service, you can easily get the funds transferred within a minimum of 4 working days. You can even track the transfer in progress.

Accessing funds after money transfer: One of the main concerns about the money transfer is accessing the funds after the transfer. Not many recipients have the means to access the funds deposited, once the transfer has been made. This is normally an issue faced by those who reside in remote places. Quickremit services provide a doorstep delivery service, which means that funds that need to be delivered are done directly to the recipient.


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