Private banking versus wealth management: All you need to know

When it comes to finances, it is not only about earning, but also investing in the right sources. As a high net worth individual, earning in big amounts may seem convenient enough to be lax it at the earning stage and not go beyond that. However, the full financial potential of the earnings will not be utilized. Furthermore, financial protection will also not be put into place, risking the income and whatever minimum savings one has invested in. Furthermore, it will put family members who rely on this wealth at risk for their financial future.

As you can see, it is crucial that you invest in the right source, not only for yourself but also for your family. The available choices are private banking and wealth management. But what is the difference between these two options?

Given below are the differences:

Private Banking:

• In the general term, private banking normally involves a financial institution that provides financial management services to specific target audiences. These individuals normally include high net worth individuals, who have an asset value of a particular number. This banking normally tends to be exclusive, normally reserving their service for clients who already have a substantial amount of cash and other assets that can be deposited and invested in an account.

• They provide investment related advice, aiming to address the entire financial profile of each of their clients. This includes aiding clients in protecting and growing assets, providing individualised financing solutions and also help them plan and save for their retirement. They also create a structured plan to pass on their accumulated wealth on to family members or any other intended beneficiaries.

• As a part of their service, they also provide considerable perks to these individuals, in order to obtain them as clients. The larger the account, the more enviable rates and concierge-based services are guaranteed to them. They even have instant access to employees who are working with their accounts through a single call. Through this, they can easily contact their lead advisor on their accounts and make a transaction or transfer funds without any lengthy processing.

Wealth Management:

• Wealth management advisors focus on helping with financial planning, management client portfolios while providing a variety of different financial services in accordance with the client’s private financing choices.

•  Clients have access to an educated and experienced individual, who is well equipped in solving financial problems or even enhancing the client’s overall financial status. They also help them achieve any financial goal.

• They take the time to under the client’s stipulations or restrictions in regard to their investment of their assets. They create and develop investment strategies to help meet the client’s requirements. They continue to manage the client’s funds and utilised investment products that match the client’s stipulations.


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