What are the benefits of using the Remit 2 India service to transfer funds?

When it comes to transferring any money, there are plenty of choices you can opt for. Some of the popular options include wire transfer, personal checks, online transfer and much more. Depending on one’s requirement, location and the urgency of the transfer, you can transfer the funds through the channel that is most appropriate to you.

But amongst the upcoming money transfer services, the remit2india is one such option. Through this money transfer service, you can avail the following benefits:

Get the best exchange rates and low charges: One of the main concerns about money transfer is exchange rates and charges. In most cases, the exchange rates will reflect the then rates in the financial market. During peak transfer seasons, especially around festive times or end of the months, the exchange rate can increases, causing you to spend more on the conversion rate more than the actual amount to be transferred. The same applies to the service charges. If the demand for money transfers are high, the service charges will also increase, especially if it calculated in percentage off the funds being transferred. Remit2india offers the best exchange rates and low charges, for any money transfer occasions.

Quick money transfer services: You may be accustomed to sending funds on fixed date on a monthly service, based on the speed of the transfer. However, in the case of financial emergencies, you will need to opt for a quick money transfer service. Most money transfers do offer a quick transfer but at a higher price. However, remit2india offers a money transfer service, which will not only make money transfer quick but also at an affordable price. This makes it an excellent option for those who want to make a quick money transfer, especially during any financial emergency.

Prompt transfer alerts: Making a money transfer will require two parties, namely the sender and the receiver. However, when you as a sender makes a money transfer, both parties need to be aware of when the money transfer is being made. At times, the money transfer service does not have the appropriate transfer service, leaving either party unaware of the progress of the transfer, causing them to either miss out on the money transfer or be unaware of any possible delay. Remit2India offers prompt transfer alerts every time a transaction takes place so that each party is aware of the transfer process in progress. You can set up alerts for custom transfers or even your regular payments.

The extent of money transfer services: Plenty of individuals make money transfers from over 24 countries. This means, they also have to transfer funds in different currencies. If the choice of foreign currency is not available, one would need to transfer it in the next approved currency. This would lead to further extra conversion charges, once the funds have been withdrawn in the local foreign currency. Remit2India offers a wide range of money transfer services, in over ten different currencies, making it the ideal choice for money transfer for your needs.


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