Current Account: 4 reasons why you need to open one today

When earning an income, it is crucial that you invest your earnings in the appropriate asset. There are several options you can consider, one of which includes the banking account. In this account, the savings account is one of the most popular choices of investment, as it offers a return on investment. At the same time, it also offers plenty of other assets and benefits.

However, over the last few years, the current account in the bank is becoming a popular choice for many investors. While normally used only by private companies and organisation, plenty of individuals are now opting to open this form of banking account. Here are some of the reasons why you need this account today:

It provides proof of payment: In today’s financial management, you need to provide a paper trail or a written proof that you made a payment from your current bank account. This is crucial especially for any tax purposes, such as making a tax deductible at any charitable donations. If you need to look for any of these records, you can always access your account statement, your chequebook, or even a duplicate cheque if you are using one. In fact, plenty of banking organisations now offers a printable front and back image of your cleared cheque for any proof of payment.

Current bank account cheques provide more security: This is a benefit mainly for the older generation. After all the current account in the bank can be mostly used to making payments through cheques over cash. After all, any cash taken will be spent by anyone without a trace. However, a paper trail of cheques will discourage theft. Furthermore, if you need to send funds for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries will be more beneficial over sending cash. A bonus is that cheques are less expensive than money orders or even casher’s cheques.

Pay or get paid easily: Most of the current accounts come with a free bill payment these days, which allows you to make and pay all of your bills online. This offers the ideal convenience to reduce any unpaid bills or even reduce increasing paperwork. In addition to this, most banks are now offering a facility where you can make person to person payments without any transaction charge. This is extremely handy if you need to make a quick payment via a bill pay.

Online banking access ease: With so many financial expenditures and channels available in the market, it is difficult to maintain a core banking system. In fact, most people don’t even balance a chequebook anymore. All they do is link their financial accounts to the latest software and manage their funds from there. However, a current account with an online access will give you an easy way to keep track of all your expenditures and help manage your finances.


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