Send money to India: What is the best solution?

If you need to transfer money to India, the good news is that, you have plenty of options you can consider. These options offer different features, right from low costs, safety, and quick service. You can even choose different transfer mediums, right from physical to digital transfers.

In order to choose the best services for yourself, you will need to balance out the following considerations:

• The amount to be sent
• The speed of the remittance
• Costing of the service
• Transaction safety
• Rate of exchange
• Fee for currency conversion
• Channel through which the recipient will receive the funds.

Once you have fixed these conversions, you can now opt for the different channels through which you can send money to India. Some of the popular options include:

Bank remittance: Bank remittance will always be one of the safest way to send money to India. Most of the major banks have money transfer services that will allow you to send funds from one location or country to another. In the occasion you need to send money fast, you can always opt for wire transfer. They are very cost effective, especially if you need to end large amounts. Through these mediums, you can easily transfer funds to the recipients bank account or banking card.

Online money transfer services: This is one of the most convenient and popular ways to transfer money to India. You can make this transfer through the computer, laptop and even your smart phone. In addition to this platform, you will also need to secure and uninterrupted internet connection. This option is best for those who want to send small amount. Depending on which online service you opt for, a percentage of the money to be transferred will be charged. Additionally, it may also differ based on the location or country you will be sending it to.

Money Transfer Operators: Certain money transfer operators, function as private money transfer services, with branches all over the world. They offer a convenient transfer service, which does not require the recipient to have the same money transfer channel as the sender. For example, the receiver does not require an internet connection in order to receive the funds. Getting the funds this way will also be convenient, since they have several branches in most countries. To avail this service, you will need to provide relevant details about your account details and the funds you will need to transfer. Furthermore, since the recipient can pick up the funds in person, precaution must be taken to ensure that the appropriate individuals pics it up.

When making the money transfer tips, you need to:

• Be aware of the sender you transferring your funds to
• Always check for hidden fees in the fine print
• Avoid giving out any personal information
• Keep proof of your transaction in the event you need it
• Check with the receiver if they have received the funds.


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