All you need to know about co – signing a loan

A loan is often a practical solution for most financial situations, along with offering plenty of benefits. Through these bank loans, you can easily repay back any financial debt, purchase a home, finance an education degree or even just finance a car purchase.

But while there are plenty of loan types available in the financial market, the fact remains that once the funds are borrowed, it must be repaid back at some point in time. Very often, this can be a sticky situation, especially if there is a chance that the borrower may fail to repay back the funds. Furthermore, the borrower’s financial profile may not allow them to get the ideal loan rates, and ultimately the financial aid to help get out of a financial issue.

This is where a co – signer will help. A co – signer, also known as a joint loan holder will share the responsibilities of receiving and repaying the borrowed funds. This has plenty of benefits as well as disadvantages. For one, with a property repayment strategy and sufficient funding, both applicants’ credit score will improve. If not, not only will both applicant’s score will drop down, but the mark of the debt will remain until the loan is fully repaid.

So if you are planning to become a co – signer for any bank loans, here are some tips you need to keep in mind:

Know your borrower: As a rule, you should keep your finance safe and avoid any risky options. This is equally applicable for when you become a co – signer. At this stage, you need to know your borrowing partner very well. This is including family members and close friends. No matter how closely intimates you are the borrower; you need to be careful before you sign up as a co – signer for the bank loans. After all, this is a debt both parties will share and bear until the loan is repaid. Only if you have absolute trust in the repayment capabilities of your borrower should you proceed with the co – signing.

Review your budget: When investing in the loan as a co – signer, both parties will be responsible for repaying back the borrowed funds. This also includes ensuring you have sufficient funds for the repayment. In the event the primary borrower defaults on the loan, you should be well prepared for the added strain on your budget. However, before taking this step, you should ensure and insist that the other borrower also maintains a sufficient budget to repay the debt obligation. This help assesses and maintains some level of confidence in their ability to repay back the debt. If it looks like there is a possibility that either budget will give way, review your budget strategy for better loan rates.

Get copies of everything: As a co – signer, you will get copies of the loan documents. But you must insist on duplicate statements. If you must, ensure that you get the required login credentials, so both parties are aware of the status of the debt payments.


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