Health Insurance: All you need to know

Health is the most important aspect of our lives Everyday people are constantly being made aware of the importance of good health and the benefits of living healthy. However nothing is certain on the surface of this earth and not even our health. There is bound to be uncertainty in every phase of our life and our health too is bound to have its own issues.

We do fall sick due to flu or sometimes even some major illness and sometimes even worse things befall for instance one might be involved in some gruesome accidents. Whatever the case may be, when these things strike us, they do at a time when they are least expected and we are not left with a choice but to squander all our savings behind them and in worst cases, it might even push us to absolute bankruptcy. The hospital fees and laboratory costs, the fees of the doctor are forever on the rise. Therefore opting for a health insurance seems really sensible in today’s day and age. Sometimes a health insurance may cost a lot but not having one might cost us even more. When one has met with an accident the hospital bills are more than enough to empty our pockets, let alone the medicine costs. If cancer is taken into considerations things are even worse with the costly chemotherapy, the regular doctor check-ups, lab tests, it could drain one completely in the matters of money.

If one has a health insurance it could help you get rid of the costs of regular medical check-ups, surgeries, contact lenses, glasses and even emergency treatments. Before one goes in for a health insurance it’s mandatory that he or she knows everything about it.

There are two main kinds of a health insurance plan. They are the indemnity plan and the managed care plan namely.

The indemnity plan is also called the fee for service plan. This health insurance has wider freedom and flexibility in the choices of the insured. He/she can pick the doctor, hospitals, labs and other medical service providers. This can be done only when the medical service is included in the contract. But the main hitch with the plan is that the indemnity health insurance doesn’t pay up for all the charges, in this case the insured has to shoulder 20% pf the payment. The indemnity health insurance plan just covers illnesses and accidents however diseases like flu shots and birth control are not included.

In the case of managed care health insurance, it is quite a lot different from the indemnity health insurance plan, firstly the choice of the doctors and hospitals is limited to only those who have contracts with the HMO and also preventive care and mental health treatment is covered by the health insurance plan.


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