How many different kinds of current accounts do HDFC banks offer?

Let us first get to know what a current account actually is

This is a deposit account that mostly is aimed at professionals and businessmen. The current account has got a lot to do with liquid deposits and it also allows withdrawal of money and checks that are written against the balance in the current account and the number of transactions that can be carried out in the current bank account is not limited for a day.

HDFC banks offer myriad customised current accounts that serve the purpose of multifarious operations.

Ultima current accounts

This is an ideal current account option for any kind of businesses especially because they need features that go beyond even the most expensive products that are currently being offered in the current account market. The ultima current account is positioned to market specifically to large distributors, manufacturers, stockists, multi-speciality hospitals and dealers. The main benefits of an Ultima current account is that there is unlimited free local and anywhere cheque collections as well as payment facility and to top it all it also offers free RTGS / NEFT collections and payments.

Ezee current account

For savvy traders who operate across a number of cities the biggest problem is the transaction costs, an Ezee current account option will help reduce the transaction costs but at the same time provide access to the most advanced and secure net banking ways and tactics.

Supreme current account

Large traders who operate from across the country face a lot of high transaction costs, the supreme current account help reduces the transactional costs and this offers free access to the most advanced and secured net banking and mobile banking ways and tactics. One also can avail the benefits of higher cash deposit limits at all HDFC bank branches across the country. Along with that with a Supreme current bank account one can avail fi free RTGS/NEFT collections and payments on all transactions.

Agri current account

This current account takes into account the seasonal nature of the agriculture-related industries; the Agri current account offers a lot of features that almost entire maximum return. There are a lot of other benefits as well, one does payment and collection of cheques at all bank locations. Another added benefit is that users of this current bank account can avail free monthly cash deposit at their home location up to Rs 10 lakhs.

Plus current account

Businesses that have suppliers and customers from across the country, the cost of transaction soars a lot higher and when one has a plus current account that cost is heavily cut down and this current account also offers higher limits for a wide range of transactions resulting in a lot of money saving.


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