Multi – currency card: How to pay less for foreign currency

In preparing for a trip abroad, it is crucial that you explore currency exchange. While your trip may be fully sponsored by an agency or your company, there will come a time where you may need to spend from your own funds. At this time, you still need to be aware of how much you will be spending if ever the time came you need to spend from your own pocket.

But instead of opting for your own banking cards, or relying on expensive foreign local funds, you can always opt for the multi – currency forex card. This card functions like any other banking card, but it is mainly used to access foreign currency. To make the most of this multi-currency card here are a few factors you can keep in mind:

Check conversion rates from a genuine source: The value of foreign currency is always in a state of change. Plenty of companies and lenders who offer currency conversion facilities also offer values of the current currency exchange mostly through their websites. In order to get an idea of a fixed value you will be investing, you can check these websites out. But how do you know which is the right value? Certain government based websites offer the day’s current conversion rates. You can check out these rates, thus giving you a ballpark figure of the best rates to invest foreign cash.

Shop around: Most banks offer foreign currency rates with wide gaps. In other words, the value of a single foreign currency will be different for different banks. For example, the British pound has been undergoing plenty of changes ever since Brexit, with the difference in values such as 0.9 pounds. Plenty of banks is offering different conversion rates based on this factor. By shopping around, you can get an idea of what to expect with a particular foreign currency value.

Exchange rates are constantly changing: It is difficult to predict the exact value of the foreign currency. A few months before you can monitor the value of the currency for a while and make an invest in your multi – currency forex card when the time is right. Don’t worry if the conversion rates increase after you invested in this card. Once you load the funds on the card, the conversion rates are locked at the time of loading.

Access to physical cash: In certain cases, you may want to access physical cash. This multi-currency card will help you access funds from any ATM or bank. All you need to do is approach the cash dispersing machine, and put in your PIN. Once this is done, you can easily withdraw a number of funds you want. This will help eliminate the need to access funds from your other debit or ATM cards, which will be charged at international conversion rates.


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