What are the most common 4 methods of international money transfer?

ere are various alternatives available to transfer money to India. However, it is mandatory to research about it ever more and make sure you choose the best while you send your money.

Online Transfer
This is the simplest method for an international money transfer. To do this all one requires is an internet connection and you also should be using the local banking services to send the money to an Indian account. Some other important things that you will be requiring to do this successfully are the account holder’s address and obviously his/her name, the name of the bank of the recipient, the IFSC code and the branch address to which the money will be sent. You will also need the IBAN or SWIFT code of the bank the money is being sent to. This method is mostly suggested if you regularly transfer funds. You can get rid of the steep banking charges and you can also carry out the transaction from the comfort of your home.

ACH transfer
Automated clearing house is another way of international money transfer and is used for transferring money from an Indian account to an account in the US. A huge advantage of such a method to transfer money is, you can get rid of long bank queues, you will not have to worry about hidden costs, you will also not be required to send checks for the money transfer to materialise. When the money is transferred in this manner, the bank gets the sum that has been sent in the next four working days. This amount can be delivered to the payee on the next day.

Paypal transfers
Another method of electronic money transfer from one account to another throughout the world. Paypal money transfers can also be cloaked as an online money transfer method. While sending the money through paypal be sure that you won’t be charged a penny, however, the one who receives the sum will be asked to pay a nominal charge of 3.9% on every international money transaction along with the exchange rate of the transfer.

Wire Transfer
One of the most commonplace methods of transferring money internationally is the Wire Transfer method. This method requires the sender to visit a financial institution or a bank or bureaus that cater to international money transfer, for instance Global Exchange, book my Forex, Western Union, Remit2India, and transfer the money. This wire transfer international money transfer service first takes all the required details about the person or persons the money is being sent to from the person sending the money, the sender is also supposed to divulge the bank details of the money recipient. One those facts are collated, the bureau then starts the transfer procedure which takes the next few days to complete.


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