These are the three best credit cards in India

Credit cards become useful in case you do not have the cash with you and you need to make a purchase. You can use your credit card and own what you want to own and pay later. This feature of a credit card does come in handy but at the same time too much usage of a credit card might also and you up in a lot of debt. However there is some cards which have a lot of reward points and other benefits for their usage. Therefore before going in for a credit card it is always useful that you do a proper research and then choose a credit card that suits you and your purpose.

Here are a few of the best credit cards you can get your hands on

1. Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card.
2. ICICI Instant Platinum Card.
3. Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card.

• Standard chartered platinum rewards card – if in case you are a salaried employee, you have a better chance of approval for this credit card, you can also get additional 1000 reward points if the transaction is done within 60 days. Now travel in Uber because you can avail 20% cashback on your Uber rides, you also get 5 reward points each on every 150/- spent on dining and fuel.

• ICICI Platinum credit cards – it is difficult to get your first credit card in India. However, if you have a fixed deposit or you have a savings bank account with the ICICI bank, ICICI offers you instant credit cards. There is absolutely no annual fee for the credit card. There are 3 payback points for every 100/- spent, the card has a global emergency assistance facility and the card replacement service is also available. You also get 100/- off on movie tickets twice a month. What’s more a 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver can be gotten on a transaction of Rs 4000 at HPCL pumps.

• Standard chartered Manhattan credit card – This is al al time favourite card where one can spend almost 90% of the expenses and save a lot of money through cash back and reward points. Nowadays it’s more of a trend to spend money on grocery in stores like reliance fresh, Spencer’s or Big Bazar and this card will offer you 5% cashback on all your grocery spends. Rs 999 is the annual fee for the card which you can get waived off. You also get 5x rewards when you use the card to make payment of your hotels, airline ticket reservation and fuel.


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