Credit card perks: Hidden perks that can save you funds

There are a number of credit card companies in the market, because of which the competition is extremely tough. There are quite a few perks that are offered to credit card users, but most of the time one is not aware of such benefits. This is primarily because such perks are not hyped by credit card companies.

Here are a few hidden perks that one can enjoy on their credit cards

Price Protection

Very often one experiences that a purchase they made today at one store, is cheaper the next day at another store. In most cases stores do not offer the convenience of price matching, but this is where one can rely on their credit cards.

Most credit cards offer price protection, thus, one can claim a refund after filing a case and submitting proof that the same product is being sold for a less price. In some cases, price protection can also be claimed about 90 days post the purchase.

Purchase protection

Losing a phone or any other valuable item these days proves to be a great loss, especially if one does not have insurance on it. But the good news is that majority of credit cards offer purchase protection. Thus, one can claim re-imbursement for any stolen item. The facility of repair and replacement of items is also offered by credit companies under purchase protection.

Return protection

Many a times one may change their mind about a new purchase, but cannot return the product because the return period has expired. As per the return policies of most stores, a purchased item may only be replaced or returned within a span of 15 or sometimes 30 days of the purchase. In this case, one can depend upon the return protection offered by their credit card companies. Most credit card companies offer a return protection of about 60 to even 90 days. In case one does want to return their purchase, just send forth the product along with the necessary documents to the store.

Extended period of warranty

When purchasing a major electronic appliance, most individuals prefer a warranty in order to protect their investment. In this case a warranty may be purchased for a short period of time. But for an extended warranty, purchase it with a credit card. Most cards offer the benefit of extended warranty for up to a year at no cost.

To avail the benefits of the best credit card in India, choose wisely among various credit card companies. Compare the numerous offers they give before selecting one.


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