How to deal with ATM card frauds

While an ATM card or a Debit card come extremely handy on a day to day basis, one has to be careful when using them. ATM frauds are very common and one may fall prey to such a theft when they least expect it. Thus, it is best to be alert when using an ATM card or a Debit card.

To avoid falling prey to an ATM card theft, one needs to first know the various means through which such fraud is committed-

1. Cash trapping through a ruler device- In this case the thief installs a ruler device that holds onto cash in the ATM machine. When cash is withdrawn it does not come out, and while the customer seeks help the thief withdraws the money and escapes.
2. Distraction and attack- In this case, the customer is distracted by one gang member just after he has authorized the transaction via an ATM machine. The distraction may be in the form of some emergency assistance. While the customer is helping out, another gang member removes the money from the machine.
3. Very often fake pin pads are also installed in order to get hold of transaction PINs.
4. Card skimmers may also be used to commit ATM card fraud. This device basically records the data from the ATM card’s magnetic strip. While this means of fraud is more common in case of credit cards, it is also sometimes used to commit ATM card frauds.

Here is how one can deal with ATM card frauds-

• Once you have entered the ATM room, stay alert and carefully observe the place.
• Hide the ATM keypad while typing the PIN as well as the amount.
• In case the machine does not work efficiently, inform the authorities immediately. Make sure to cancel any transaction first.
• While making the transaction do not take help of any strangers, especially those who look suspicious.
• After the transaction is complete and the money has come out of the machine leave the ATM room but ensure that you are not followed. If one feels suspicious head right towards a local police station and make a complaint.
• If one has fallen prey to a debit card fraud or witnessed it make sure to get in touch with the authorities immediately. This way prompt action can be taken and the criminal or gang may be located and put behind bars.

All types of crime and thefts can be prevented by the spread of awareness. Thus, one should be aware about such crimes in order to stay alert and vigilant.


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