Internet Banking: Things to avoid for safe banking

Today, mostly all transactions and payments are done through internet banking. It is not only simple, but also one of the easiest modes of transacting money. It is also quite safe, but because this means of transacting money is very popular, cyber-crimes are on the rise.

Cyber criminals keep finding new methods through which they breach security. Thus, it is best to stay safe than sorry when it comes to handling hard earned cash. Here are a few things that should be avoided in order to ensure safe internet banking-

Avoid using same passwords for a long time

This is one of the easiest ways to ensure that a net banking account is secure. Keep changing the password from time to time. Also make sure that the password is strong, use both upper as well as lower cases and add in numbers whenever possible. Special characters should also be used. In case, you have a number of different bank accounts for internet banking, ensure the use of different passwords for all accounts

Avoid sharing account passwords

This is a definite No! In case one does have to share their password during any emergency, change it as soon as possible.

Avoid connecting the net-banking account with an E-mail link

Do not sign into an online bank account through an E-mail link. Most E-mail links are no good and may be designed to steal confidential data.

Avoid using any other app for internet banking

It is best that one uses the official bank app when internet banking. An official bank app is more secure as compared to third party applications. Also ensure that you are downloading the app from authentic application stores such as the Google app store or the Apple app store. Avoid downloading any apps through ‘aggregator’ applications.

Avoid internet banking through a Wi-Fi network that is public

Unless and until the transaction or payment is extremely important, avoid internet banking when using an open Wi-Fi or shared network. This is primarily because such Wi-Fi connections can be hacked easily and confidential data can be stolen in no time.

Avoid internet banking at a Cyber café or through a shared computer

Just like in the case of open Wi-Fi, it is very easy to hack into cyber café computer systems and get access to account information. These computer systems are meant for public use and generally have a lot of harmful malware.

One should also ensure that they always log out of the net-banking account after using it. This will keep one’s confidential data safe from hacking means, such as- session hijacking as well as cross-site scripting exploits.


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