What are the different channels through which you can send money to India?

Staying abroad? Wondering how to send money to India? Today a number of different services and means of sending money to India have come up. These services are not only cheap but even fast and extremely reliable.

It has now become easy for NRIs to send money to their family and friends living in India, or corporate businesses abroad to pay their business partners or employees in the country. For those wondering how to send money to India, here are a few different channels that work best-

Online transfer

The world of internet is fascinating and makes things easy. When considering how to send money to India, one can opt for simple online transfers. It is without a doubt one of the easiest methods of sending money to India. One has to get in touch with their bank and opt for online transfer services, once this service is activated transferring money to India is possible with just a few clicks of the system keyboard. This way of transfer is especial recommended for those who send money to Indian regularly.

ACH transfer

Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer is a method by which the money is transferred electronically. One only needs to transfer the money via their bank account through ACH transfer and it will reach India in about 4 working days. This system of transfer involves no extra fees or frequent banks visits.


Known to be one of the largest in online payment processing, PayPal is an easy and fast way to transfer money to India from overseas. This type of payment method is mobile friendly, thus the transfer can be done anytime anywhere. While no transaction fees are charged through this medium of transfer, the recipient of the amount may have to bear a small fee.

Money orders

This method is quite safe and cheap, when sending small money amounts to India. Almost all banks deal in money orders at a small charge.

Wire Transfer

The traditional way of transferring money to India, wire transfer is a service being offered by banks since 50 years and running. One has to pay a couple of visits to the bank in order to wire transfer the amount to India. This process takes time, but transferring money is fairly simple.

Bank drafts

A practical option, as the cheque can be immediately cashed by the recipient in India. This type of transfer method is costlier than others, but if the money is lost during transfer it can be tracked down conveniently.

Other transfer services include Transfast, Xoom, MoneyGram and personal checks.


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