Why should you be making your online tax payment today?

Sorting out taxes has never been an easy job. It involves major paperwork and is generally quiet time consuming. But it is a necessary evil and cannot be ignored.

One effective way of dealing with taxes is switching to online tax payment. By doing this, one can save himself the trouble of extensive paperwork and stamps when it comes to filing taxes. Switching to online tax payment, will also allow one to organize his taxes better and make payments promptly.
You can pay a number of different taxes online, such as- Service tax, wealth tax, corporation tax, tax deducted at source (TDS), central excise tax as well as income tax.

Here are a few reasons why one should shift to online tax payment today-

It is a speedy process

Tax payments can be made within minutes when done online. All one needs to do is schedule their payment date and mark their calendar. You do not have to bear the burden of filing taxes through mail, and worrying if it will reach on time.


One does not have to wait in long lines in order to file their taxes. Payment can be done online anytime from anywhere. All that one requires is an internet connection and a laptop or computer.

Easy to file taxes and make payments

Once you start online tax payment, one will have to follow a simple process that will help him schedule tax payments regularly. When this process is complete, all that is required is an online transaction of the amount on the scheduled date.

Safe to use

Online tax payment is quite safe. User information is confidential and has to be typed in every time in order to log in.

Timely payments

As payments can be scheduled well in advance, a person knows exactly when he needs to clear his taxes and is less likely to miss the date. This also helps with effective planning. While businesses are allowed to schedule online tax payment about 120 days before it is due, individual taxpayers can schedule their tax payment a year in advance.

Once the online tax payment is done, one will receive a digital copy of the acknowledgement of the same. In order to maintain a physical record just take a print out of the copy of the challan for future reference.

Online tax payment will greatly reduce the pressure and stress involved with the filing and payment of taxes every year. The process of enrolment may seem tedious initially, but it is for the best.


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