Best international credit cards in India

A credit card is a card, which can be swiped to make payments now, and the amount can be paid to the credit card company at a later date. Credit cards are a vastly popular way of making payments. With the increase in international travel, there is a massive demand in the country for an international credit card.

An international credit card is a card that is accepted for payment at merchants all over the world. If the credit card is not an international card, it may get declined or may incur substantial charges for getting swiped in another country.

For frequent travellers , taking an international credit card is very beneficial as they can swipe it whenever they travel without worrying about problems in payment. These world credit cards also enable swiping in foreign currency and repayment in Indian rupees.

These are some of the best international credit cards in India:

1. Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card:
This international credit card has meagre annual fees, which get waived off in case you meet the minimum threshold for transactions. The card offers 5 reward points for every INR 150 spent.

2. HDFC World Master Card:
This world credit card has a renewal fee of INR 2,500, but that is waived off in the first year on hitting the minimum purchase requirements. Annual fees for the next year are waived on crossing minimum purchases for the year. It offers 2 points for every INR 150 spent, and if more than INR 7,500 is paid in one cycle; you get 3 reward points.

3. SBI Simply Click Credit Card:
This world credit card gives 5x points for online shopping with decided partners. These points can be redeemed online.

4. ICICI Instant Platinum Credit Card:
This card is straightforward to get approved. I t is the best option for people with low credit scores. However, you need to have an ICICI account to get this card.

5. HDFC Infinia Credit Card:
This card is a super-premium card. It has benefits such as unlimited spending, complimentary lounge access at airports, tie up with Vistara airline, discounts at fine dining restaurants etc.

6. SBI Signature Elite Credit Card:
This card charges minimal forex transaction charges. It is beneficial for someone frequently travelling abroad. The reward system is very generous.
The annual fee is INR 5,000.

7. Citibank Platinum Credit Card:
There are no joining or annual fees for this card. You can earn 10 reward points for every INR 125 spent at network retail stores and 1 point for money spent otherwise.


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