Personal loan: It’s benefits and types

One can never anticipate when the requirement for funds may arise. Getting a loan for these expenses, such as wedding expenses, or home improvement expenses, is not easy. Different types of loans involve hassles, lengthy documentation requirements, and slow loan approvals. In such cases, a personal loan is the best choice.

A personal loan is an unsecured loan. It is one of the best loan instruments. If you’re applying for a personal loan, you don’t need to put up any collateral. Speedy approvals make it easy to get an instant personal loan.

Benefits of personal loan:

1. Quick disbursement of funds:
Funds from instant personal loans are quickly disbursed. After a personal loan is approved, the funds are disbursed within 4 hours for some lenders, up to 7 days for funds to get credited.

2. Online account access:
These days, it is possible to get an instant personal loan online. Right from application, to approval, to loan management, every aspect of the loan is online. This makes it very convenient to access account details at any time.

3. No restrictions on fund use:
The best quality about personal loans is that there is no restriction on fund use. The funds can be used for whatever purpose you want. You can use it for personal expenses, or business expenses. These loans do not come with conditions.

4. Rate of Interest and Tenure negotiable:
If you show strong repayment capability, you can negotiate with the lender on the rate of interest and tenure.
Types of personal loan:

1. Personal loan for weddings:
These loans are given out to meet expenses arising on a wedding. In India, weddings are a costly affair. If you’re planning an elaborate wedding, an instant personal loan can be a great option to get funds for the wedding. Since the disbursal of funds is quick, apply when you need the funds.

2. Personal loan for education:
In case a standard education loan falls short of the expenses you need for education, then a personal loan is the best option. These loans are offered at attractive interest rates.

3. Personal loan for travel:
If you’re planning your dream vacation and need funds, a personal loan is the perfect loan for you. Depending on your eligibility, you can avail the best personal loan from among the different options available.

4. Personal loan for home improvements:
If you’re planning to renovate the house, you can take a personal loan to meet any shortfall of expenses. Since the approval for personal loans is speedy, apply as close to your fund needs as possible.

5. Personal loan for other purposes:
A personal loan is an excellent option for other requirements such as business expansion, medical emergencies etc.


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